Practice for exam Unit 2 (2024)

This WikiWijs page is made especially for you, the people with the A2 level,so you can practice for Unit 2! You have a bigger chance of passing if you make this WikiWijs. If you pass this exam the first time, you don't have to make the resit (herkansing) and you'll have to time to work on other courses.

The goal of this WikiWijs lesson:

  • At the end of this Wikiwijs you will be more prepared for the Unit 2 exam.
  • At the end of this Wikiwijs you will know what you have to learn for the Unit 2 exam.

You're going to practice:

  • vocabulary (woorden)
  • expressions (uitdrukkingen)
  • grammar (grammatica)

How is this going to work? :

This WikiWijs will take about 35 minutes.

1. grammar video

You're going to watch a video with grammar explanation ( uitleg ).

2. formative grammar test

You're going to take a formative (proef-toets) test to find out if you understand the grammar of Unit 2.

3. vocabulaire and expressions Quiziz.

You're going to practice the vocabulary of Unit 2 with Quiziz flashcards.

4. end test

To find out for yourself if you understand: vocabulary, expressions and grammar you're going to take an end test.

{Do you have a problem or a question? Please raise your hand and be patient and I will come to help you with your problem!}

Practice for exam Unit 2 (1)

Watch this video!

(Veerle Vos Albeda, 2020)

I'm going to explain the difference between "will" and "going to" in this video and how these grammar topics work. The video's duration is about 5 minutes.

If you understand the video you can go on with this WikiWijs and take the formative test.

If you're still struggeling with these grammar topics, watch the video again!

(If you´ re still struggeling after watching the video again, if you really don't like to learn from a video, here is the information written down!)

When to use WILL ( R, 2019 )

  • Express future actions decided at the moment of speaking (Immediate Decisions)

I‘ll have salad now.

  • Express a prediction based on personal opinions or experiences (Predictions without Evidence)

I think United will win the game.

  • A future fact

The sun will rise tomorrow.

  • To make a promise, an offer, a threat or refusal

A promise

I promise I won’t tell anyone you broke the window.

An offer

I‘ll take you to the airport tomorrow.

A threat

I‘ll tell your parents what you did.

A refusal

No, I won’t cook your dinner, you can cook it yourself.

When to use BE GOING TO

  • Express future plans decided before the moment of speaking (Prior Plans)

I’m going to visit my aunt next Friday.

  • Express a prediction based on present evidence (Predictions with Evidence)

Look at those black clouds. It is going to rain.

  • Something is about to happen

Get back! The bomb is going to explode.


Both Will and Be Going to can be used for making future predictions without having a real difference in meaning
I think it will be foggy tomorrow. = I think it is going to be foggy tomorrow.

R. (2019, 17 juli). Talking About The Future: Will vs. Be Going to.

Geraadpleegd op 5 december 2019, van

I hope the video was helpful. Now you are going to take a formative grammar test to find out if you understand the grammar of Unit 2.


Test: FORMATIVE TEST- grammar A2


We're half way there! Have you studied the vocabulary and expressions of Unit 2?

Let's find out. I made flashcards for you so you can practice.

This Quizlet tool is really helpful. You can study and practice how to write the words and expressions of Unit 2. Why is this important? Having good English vocabulaire as a Social Worker is really important because you want to be able to give advice/communicate as clear as you possibly can.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes on this Quizlet and you will learn a lot.

(Quizlet, z.d.)


Here it is!

The end test you've worked for for the past 35 minutes. It's a mix between grammar and vocabulare, you will be fine if you finished this WikiWijs properly. I wish you the best of luck!

Did you pass this test? Good job! You are ready for the Unit 2 exam.

Did you fail this test? That's okay, try again!

Did you fail this test again? Now you know you still have a lot to study for the Unit 2 exam.

You're almost finished with this WikiWijs, good job!

I want you to give your feedback on this WikiWijs, answer the small feedback questionaire (SurveyMonkey,1999), so I can become a better teacher and make my education better!

If you're done, go to "the end" and as it says.. that's the end.

So, this is the end!

I hope you've learned something today and feel ready for the Unit 2 exam.

If you don't feel ready/prepared yet, this is what you have to learn:

- Grammar Unit 2.

- Vocab Unit 2.

Start early so you don't have to stress and learn everyting last minute, trust me.

If you still have questions, please, contact me and I will do my very best to help you!

Thank you very much for today's class.

See you soon, bye!

Practice for exam Unit 2 (2)

Practice for exam Unit 2 (2024)


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