Why A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results (2024)

Why A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results (1)

As human beings we have all sort of problems, most times those problems are simple to solve. In fact the solution is there, right under our feet, the thing is... it takes time and commitment.

For instances, let's say we want to lose weight, no problem! Just eat well and exercise your body! Well, that seems pretty obvious, but why do we get discouraged and eventually don't lose weight?

Because we are waiting for immediate results!

We do what we have to do, to reach our goal, for about... let's say a week or so, and then, we don't see the results, so we give up!

Not realizing that if we continue to week 2 we'd see some progress, instead of quitting and achieve nothing.

Let's get a deeper look at the title quote for a better meaning:

1. A Little Progress

What is little progress? Well let's start from the end... it's progress!

It doesn't matter if it's little or big, progress is still progress!

As long as you perform the daily tasks to reach your goal, it doesn't matter the size of the task, what matters is the consistency.

You have a goal, you have a plan - with the precise steps you have to take to reach that goal, now it's time to take action. over and over again!

You don't climb a ladder with one huge step, you have to take one step at a time. You don't stop after one step, you take another and another, until you reach your destination.

It's about repetition and having a constant purpose, little progress after little progress you start to get somewhere.

2. Find Your Purpose

Not only you have to define your goals, but it's also necessary that you answer this question: Why do you want to reach that goal?

Be truly honest and find the purpose behind your goal.

What really matters to you? Your family? Your kids? A great human cause? What were you put on this earth to do?What is it?

This purpose will be your driving force, the fuel that will make you wake up every day full of energy to pursue your dreams.

You'll have the daily motivation needed to give another step towards your goal.

Repeat these actions day after day and you'll be more and more motivated to do it.

Little progress begins to grow and show, more and more!

3. Big Results

Don't get overwhelmed by the word "big", in fact, get inspired by it!

How come? Your vision, your dreams, your goals all should be big! The things you deserve!

But you cannot be looking for big results all the time! You must be focused on small achievements, every day try to achieve something.

See this like you're building a brick wall, every day you put a brick together the best you can, in a month of doing it you'll have a wall.

A big thing like a wall is composed of small things like bricks and concrete. Now think about your goals...

  • Isn't that best selling novelyou want to write, composed of dozen of chapters, hundreds of pages, thousands of sentences and millions of words? - You have to start writing one word after the other, that's that little progress that will take you to a big result!
  • That marathon you want to race in? 42 kilometers, that's a lot... and 21 kms can you do it? ...how about 10 kms? ...still hard? - Start by running 5 kms and increasing the distance gradually, that's that little progress that will take you to a big result!

So in essence, after you know the big goal that you want, you must desconstruct that goal into small and achievable actions that you can perfom each day.

4. Be Your Best Version

This is our final advice, if you want to follow this philosophy and achieve big results by committing to a little progress each day, you have to become your best version.

Why? Despite the fact that, the progress that's required for you to make is little,

you have to prioritize and be fully engaged in what you do


You might think that your daily tasks are in fact easy to do, and... yes they are!

But it goes both ways: it's also very easy to get distracted and not do them!

For distractions not to kick in, you have to become your best version. A version of yourself where you cut all the unnecessary stuff and you dedicate most of your time to your goals.

We hope you liked our explanation and now feel ready to achieve your dreams.

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Why A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results (2024)


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